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Creating Superior Dental Marketing

The path to Dental Marketing Solutions started over a decade ago when a new dentistry client asked us to troubleshoot his poor search engine rankings. At the time, this dentist was using a subscription service that provided a website with supposedly “original” content. Lackluster search engine results convinced him that this expensive approach was not working, so he asked us to figure out what was wrong.

First, it turned out that his content was actually a cut-and-paste job with his name, dental office, and home city inserted into specific sentences. A quick check of the Internet found that the rest of the words were exactly the same on literally thousands of websites across the country. This marketing method severely hurt his search engine rankings compared to dentists with truly genuine content.

The other problem was that his website was clunky, the subscription service owned it, and the technology behind it was antiquated. He simply was not getting what he paid for.

Our solution was creating a new website with an updated backbone responsive to modern search engines. Next, we created unique content. The same topics were redone with original material, published on the Internet for the very first time. The results were significant — first page rankings in many different subjects important to his business and far more new patients to fuel business growth resulting in several new practice locations.

Dental Marketing the Way It Should Be!

Dental Marketing Solutions takes our years of experience in the dental field to do the same for your practice. We develop online marketing plans tailored to your preferred dental treatments and matching your approach to dentistry. We help you find the clients you want to generate the growth you need for a thriving practice. And unlike other dental marketing companies, when we develop your website and generate content, you own it all! It is yours to use and change as you see fit — forever!

Dental Marketing Solutions offers a flexible suite of services, depending on what you need to build your practice. You can select any or all of them, targeting the techniques that are most likely to get the results you need within the budget available. Our initial consultation with you and your team helps determine which of the following options will do the most for you:

  • Website Creation or Upgrading
  • Content Management
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Internet Advertising Campaigns
  • Social Media Management
  • Reputation Management
  • Email Marketing
  • Branding or Rebranding Your Practice

With over ten years in dental marketing and more than two decades providing online services, Dental Marketing Solutions has the experience to generate the results you desire. Stop wondering if your marketing budget is doing you any good! Improve your practice with the consistent growth provided by Dental Marketing Solutions.