Want a blog that patients love to read? We’ve got you covered.

The days of brute-force marketing and sales, when people were bullied into trying a new service or product, are long gone. In recent years, a new form of marketing has drastically increased in popularity: content marketing.

The strategy of content marketing focuses on creating value for your audience – and one of the most effective tools of content marketing is the blog.

Why should my website have a blog?

A blog is a section of your website that regularly provides fresh and updated material, usually in the form of short articles. These articles can range from general (yet useful) dental information that benefits your patients, to answers to their most frequently asked questions.

A dynamic and regularly updated blog provides the following benefits:

Build better relationships

A blog is great avenue for you to share your professional opinion and expertise, as well as a little of your personality. When patients (or potential patients) read your blog, it’s a chance for them to build trust in you and feel like they get to know you. This increases the likelihood that they will choose your practice for their dental needs.

Educate your patients

Many patients have questions about certain procedures. And some dental techniques are absolutely unknown to them. With understanding comes a relaxation of anxiety and a willingness to request services that are good for a patient’s health and appearance.

Publicize your favorite procedures

Let’s face it: every dentist has the procedures they prefer and the procedures they’re expected to do. By highlighting your preferred procedures and upcoming offers via targeted blog articles, you drive interest in the work you enjoy towards your dental practice.

Higher search engine ranking

Regularly adding fresh content with focused keywords helps your website perform better in search engine results. This leads to higher traffic and conversions.

DMS Blog Writing Service

Of course, you probably don’t have time to publish regular blog posts — your focus is on your patients and running your practice.

Here is where DMS can help.

Our team of experienced writers take the time to get to know you and your practice, as well as the types of patients you serve. We know how to present the material in the right “voice” to match your goals and properly represent you.

Our writers have produced hundreds of interesting articles leading to valuable engagement (measured in click-throughs), and many of our clients have seen how just one blog article per week considerably boosts traffic to their websites. DMS has so much experience in dental blog writing that some of the articles we authored have become the number one page on search engines for that topic.

All of this with the goal of getting you more patient visits.

Yes, I’m interested in learning more about how DMS can provide a successful blog as a feature to my new website.

Then, contact us and we’ll be happy to provide more information.