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When the top of the page is the only option.

When you choose DMS, you automatically get years of experience practicing Search Engine Optimization (SEO). But if you’re serious about quickly getting your website in front of as many people as possible, and then sustaining that performance, you may want to consider utilizing pay-per-click (PPC) advertising.

With PPC advertising, you essentially pay to appear at the top of internet search results. In exchange for a set fee paid to a search engine like Google, you are guaranteed placement at the top of specific user searches–physically putting your website’s listing on top of everyone else’s.

Although your site will appear as a “sponsored listing,” conversions are measured when someone actually “clicks” on an ad and then fills out a form or calls your practice’s phone number–therefore, “pay-per-click.” In other words, you only pay when someone converts.

For many of our clients, a combined approach of SEO and PPC strategies leads to maximum exposure and notable results.

How DMS Can Help

If you decide you’d like to utilize PPC marketing, DMS will work with you to develop a strategy tailored to your website and advertising budget.

This includes:

  • Clear communication regarding what to expect from your PPC budget, and how it is spent
  • Campaigns specifically targeted to visitors in your geographic location
  • A plan to drive visitors to landing pages that have a high conversion rate

The key to a successful PPC strategy is to clearly define your goals and desired outcomes, as well as the key metrics needed to measure results. We’ll help you through this process.

Do I Need PPC Advertising?

That depends. For example, what type of competition do you face? How quickly would you like to see results? For a number of clients, PPC advertising generates a significant amount of business and increased revenue. Therefore, the return on investment is viewed as well worth the initial cost.

Of course, if you decide to utilize PPC advertising, we’ll make sure to integrate it seamlessly with your SEO and social media strategies.

Yes, I want to learn more about whether PPC advertising can help my website acquire more patients.

Contact us and we’ll be happy to provide more information.