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Many dentists are awestruck by just how much information will be available on their website. Where to begin? How do we make sure we don’t miss anything? Or say too much?

When developing a website, we begin by using an invaluable tool known as a sitemap.

What’s a Sitemap?

A sitemap is an easy-to-navigate model of a website’s content that shows how pages are linked together. When we interview a new client, we determine exactly what information they want to be conveyed on their website. Then, we develop a hierarchical list of pages and links that are organized by topic, as well as how they will appear on the final site. (View example)

What Are the Benefits of a Sitemap?

A sitemap provides many valuable benefits, including:

Better Planning

The sitemap is considered the “centralized planning tool” that establishes the structure of your site. It clarifies the purpose of each page, helps us not to forget to include any pages, and also helps to avoid producing unnecessary pages or duplicate content.

Stronger Conversions

If you’re trying to win more patients, you want the process of converting website visitors into those walking into your practice. The sitemap clarifies this process, making sure that those visiting the website can easily find the information they’re looking for. Additionally, an effective sitemap can help clarify our strategy for funneling that website traffic into solid appointments.

Quick Reference

At times, you’ll want to find specific information on your website, or you’ll want to refer patients or staff members to a particular page. The sitemap makes doing so simple.

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