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Having a Great Time! Wish You Were Here!

Business postcards are a great way to communicate your message — whether it’s a new product or service offered by your practice, an upcoming promotion, or an appointment reminder for the patients who deplore technology.

DMS helps you design attractive postcards that match the style of your other marketing elements (such as your logo, website, and promotional materials). We also help you build a strategy to use these small, personal messages to strengthen relationships with your patients.


What if you held a promotion and nobody came? Postcards may represent “analog” technology, but they have a big advantage over digital media. Reading a text, an e-mail, or a web article requires the patient to do something — click a link or a button. Receiving a postcard only requires having an address!

An attractive image with effective text conveys your message in seconds. Let DMS show you how postcards can boost the attendance at your next promotional event.

Appointment Reminders

Few things are worse than scheduling an appointment and the client doesn’t show up. At that moment you really do echo the famous postcard line: “Wish you were here!”

Postcards are a simple, proactive way of making sure the patient actually shows up, while simultaneously reminding them of why their upcoming visit is beneficial. Reduce the number of patient cancellations and you may earn enough to take a vacation and have a great time!

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