Content Development

Content is king. But only if it’s done right.

The saying “content is king” gained popularity in recent years with the advent of online content marketing (also known as inbound marketing).

Content marketing is a marketing strategy focused on creating valuable and relevant content for a specific, targeted audience – and, ultimately, to drive them to action.

But how does it help you?

Here’s How It Works

Let’s say a person living in your area has tooth pain. He or she begins researching online for possible causes or ways to relieve that pain. DMS writes content for your website with these people in mind. When those potential patients begin searching online, we want your website to be one of the first things they see.

Of course, if the person doesn’t find relevant content that answers their questions, he or she will move on. But if they find the answers they’re looking for (along with interesting questions and answers they didn’t even have yet) they’ll be engaged.

In a small way, they’ve already begun to respect your practice–because you’ve given them something of value. In many cases, they will be moved to take the next step–which is to make an appointment.

In this way, your website can actually initiate a relationship between your practice and potential patients.

Why Writing for the Web Is Challenging

The professional writers at DMS are experts at developing interesting and relevant online content. But writing for the web means targeting two different audiences:

Search engines (like Google)

These advanced computer programs are constantly changing, as are the algorithms that evaluate your content. Our clients’ websites continue to rank high because we keep up with the changes and make sure their content is easily found.

But that’s only the first step.

Potential patients

It’s important that search engines find and feature your content, but good writers remember that they write for people–specifically, the people who need your services, and are willing to make you their dentist.

We don’t just want visitors to find your website. We want the right visitors to find your website. And we want them to love it.

The DMS Advantage: Unique and Custom Dental Content

You may have noticed that many dental websites use a standard text for a variety of topics, or what is known in the industry as “duplicate content.” Maybe your website currently has content that can be found on those of other dentists.

That’s not good.

Why? Because search engines like Google hate duplicate content.

Think about it: If every website had the same information, what would be the point in looking at different ones?

In contrast, search engines reward content that is unique, especially if website visitors find it engaging.

And that’s where we come in: Instead of copy and paste solutions, our professional writers create unique content specifically for your website! In doing so, we’ve been able to achieve high search engine rankings for dental websites within their targeted location.

More importantly, we keep them ranking high.

With DMS, you’ll get a website that leads to more patients. Period.

Yes, I want unique and valuable content that leads more patients to my practice.

Contact us and we’ll be happy to provide more information.