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Ready for some great PR? Let’s get started.

For decades, businesses have submitted communication directed at members of the news media for the purpose of announcing something new. This specific type of communication is known as a press release.

As the way people digest media changes, so has the traditional press release. But these announcements can still produce big rewards, including added publicity for your practice and even increased SEO benefits.

Here are a few advantages a well-timed and professional press release can bring.

Increased visibility

When you have something special or newsworthy to share about your practice, a press release can help perk interest and bring your story to those who would have never heard about you. As more and more people hear about your cause, they will be naturally drawn to learn more.

Keeps you in control

Since we work with you to write your press release, you’re in control of your narrative. In other words, you get to tell the story – and our experienced writers help you tell it the right way.

Repair your reputation

At times, one unsatisfied patient or unfair review can seriously damage your online reputation. Press release distributions can help you restore your reputation and deliver a more balanced and positive view of your practice…while pushing those single, unfair reviews to the back of the search results.

Demonstrate expertise

By using a press release to educate, you gain the trust of both the public and the media as an expert in your field. In the future, the media may contact you directly to comment on other newsworthy events that affect your industry. This often leads to a positive cycle, in which more and more people are drawn to learn more about you and your practice.

How DMS Can Help

At DMS, we’ve been assisting small businesses with the distribution of press releases for many years. Our experienced writers will help you communicate your story in a way that resonates–and we’ll leverage our network to get your communique in just the right hands.

Yes, I’d like to learn more about how a well-written press release can benefit my practice.

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