Web Hosting

No host for your website? DMS has you covered.

If you just started your dental practice, you need web hosting.

If you already have a web service, but are dissatisfied with the speed, the quality of the customer service, or the amount of downtime suffered by your website, you need the elite web hosting provided by DMS.

It is simply a fact that in today’s business climate you need to be permanently connected to the Internet to send and receive email, files, and other information. Your online presence needs to be continuous. Any interruption suggests that your office can’t get the job done!

The speed of your website and the quality of your digital services impact the impression you create for current and potentially future clients. We recognize that at DMS and provide you service on the same servers that we use to host our own websites.

All web hosting plans from DMS include the following:

High Speed

It is imperative that your website loads quickly for visitors, no matter what type of device they’re using.

DMS provides the following:

  • Multiple CPU cores — the computing power required for an elite website.
  • SSD (Solid State Disk) drives — the fastest access available for your website files and pages.
  • 25 Gbps Network— blazing fast connections to your website.
  • Independent Servers — DNS, Web, Database, and Mail are all hosted on separate servers to ensure dedicated resources. The unexpected failure of one server does not lead to the loss of all services.

These combined measures give your website lightning speed and top-line durability.

WordPress Optimized

Our high-performance web servers are optimized for the WordPress web publishing platform.


DMS provides advanced security protection to block hackers and malware.

Branded Email

We set your office up with email addresses that reflect the name of your practice (and web domain). No more “gmail” or off-brand addresses for your practice!

Domain Registration

From deciding on the right name to securing it for the right price, we take care of domain name registration from start to finish.

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